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    well granted im new to the forum u are gonna have to excuse my question here.. but nevertheless i really don't know. i pick hannibal to pose this.. on the extra features side. the trailers and the tv spots all seem to not have very good visual quality. now there are alot of discs i have seen that are like this. my question is is this just my player? or is this done bc of space on the discs themselves?
    if anyone has the slightest idea what i am talkin about please let me know. thanks.
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    There can be any number of reasons inclusive of available elements, available bits, and human error. I remember thinking that a lot of the Hannibal TV ads I saw broadcast on my local stations looked pretty poor at the time. I actually thought they looked and sounded a lot better on the DVD than I remembered them. I agree that the trailer does not look so hot and sounds less dynamic than most of the TV spots. Overall, though, I was very impressed with this disc, its supplements, and their presentation.
    The source for most of the other features (including deleted scenes) would be video-based, and as such, will not look as polished as the feature film.
    Ken McAlinden
    Livonia, MI USA
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