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  1. Joseph Anlacan

    Dec 21, 1999
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    Sorry I had to post outside the thread. There's something wrong. My reply doesn't get through so I tried posting a new message.
    Okay, I'm almost convinced.
    Can anyone give me advice? My present receiver is an Onkyo DS838 that is rated at 90w/ch L,C,R and 50w/ch RL,RS. I already have a pseudo-EX set-up connected so my surrounds are, in a way, externally amplified. I'd like to buy a stereo amp for external amplification of my fronts. Any guidelines/advice I need to follow? (how many watts at least? recommended brands? brands to stay away from?) I'm concerned I might get a stereo amp that performs not as well as the Onkyo's. Thanks!
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    Hi Joseph.
    Yes, you can use a stereo amp for the L/R and leave the Onkyo dedicated to just the center.
    But try going on Ebay and looking for 3-channel amps, or a set of 3 mono-block amps. This would be a better option for you.
    Right now, there is another thread talking about how much better his system sounds with external amplification. And the main speaker in your HT system is your Center. If anything, you should add a single mono-block for the center, then worry about the L/R.
    But, this advice is just to tell you about some options. [​IMG]
    Good Luck.

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