Extended Warranties for RPTV's Yea or Nea?

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    I don't buy exentended warranties. In the last 10 years, for all my electronics and appliances I have only had 2 out of warranty problems for a total cost of $325. (leave out auto's) Extended warranties would have cost me in the 1000's for all those products.
    Now, I have just purchased a Hitachi RPTV from Sears and am offered a 3 year for 299, or a 5 year for 499. I said no but have 30 days to decide. What is your experience and advice? Thanks for the help..
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    Oct 22, 2000
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    I purchased a Toshiba 50H81 From Sears about two months ago and also had the same question. After much research I decided not to purchase the extended warranty.
    I purchased the T.V. w/ my credit card which extends the manufactures warranty an extra year. Because of this my set is now covered two years at no extra charge.
    Usually, if an electronic component is going to fail, it will be in the first couple of months. If nothing fails in this time frame it will last forever.
    I had my set fail after only owning it two weeks. Sears was great! The came out and serviced the T.V; but couldn't solve the problem. I then called up and had the T.V. exchanged w/ out any questions.
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    When I bought my Mits about 6 months ago, I did purchase the extended warrenty. It was $349.00 for 5 years. Covers everything. This being my first RPTV, I wanted that extra comfort buffer. If anything were to happen, I'm covered.
    As much as I paid for the TV, the $349.99 is a drop in the bucket for extra coverage.
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