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Extended version of Dances With Wolves: French vs. German versions (1 Viewer)


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Jun 3, 1999
In my quest to have the best possible quality presentation of the extended version of Dances With Wolves, I have received and watched both the French and the German versions. To my surprise, both versions have rather strong flaws and different pluses. The French version, second printing (which is the one I received), has an audio synch problem for the last half of the movie (remembering that it's a 4 hour movie this affects two hours!)...it is very distracting and led to my quest for a better version. The French version, though, has irremovable French subtitles when the English 5.1 track is chosen, but the subtiles are below the picture, which I rate as being a plus. The German version doesn't have an audio synch problem, but does have a few problems with coloration. I particularily noticed skin tones...occasionally skin tones were too pink, sometimes bluish, and sometimes downright purple! This, however, is just occasionally. The German version has irremoveable German subtitles when the English 5.1 track is selected, and unfortunately these subtitles are on the picture presentation. All in all, a really mixed bag. I'm not insisting on a "perfect" presentation of this movie, but both versions were less on the mark than I expected.
Sep 22, 2000
Well, I only have the german DVD here, but I have to agree with you... "Dances with Wolves" was one of the first DVDs released by Kinowelt and like most of their initial releases was sourced from what seems to be a cinema print...
In addition the authoring is not quite up to par with newer releases, on a large tv or a pc monitor you will notice occassional compression artifacts... overall a less than stellar transfer.
I have not ordered the french version because of one or two abysmal reviews I read about it.
And I fear that "Dances with Wolves" does not have enough mass appeal to be rereleased anytime soon, so we're stuck with these two versions for now. (The upcoming UK release will only feature the shorter cut of the movie.)
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