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Aug 26, 2001
OK, to extend the "dumb question" from below.
I currently do not have a DVD player. Well, I have one on my laptop that I have been using to watch movies with until I purchased a player.
I was intrigued by the post below and started doing a little research into using a computer as a DVD player. I currently have a Pentium Pro 200 with 96mb memory sitting on the shelf. Could I do something as simple as buying:
Creative Labs DXR2 DVD Decoder PCI card CT7220 for $19.00
and then a DVD ROM drive, say a Toshiba for around $60.00 and have a DVD player that will be equal to what I was planning on buying. JVC-XVS60?
At this time I do not have a HDTV so I don't need the progressive Scan of the JVC. I did however plan on upgrading to a HDTV so that is the reason I looked at the Progressive Scan. Is that part of the player or the software? I.E. how would I get my PC to play progressive Scan, or the best possible picture for when I moved up to an HDTV? Note: my current TV is a 27" Trinitron with only a composite jack on it. Upgrade to a HDTV is a year or so away. Would I want to look at something other then the DXR2?
I was thinking of these two:
32 MB Creative Labs Nvidia Pro TNT2
Aureal Vortex SQ1500 PCI sound card 3D
That would mean I would have to switch over to a pentium II 266 with 64mb memory to get the AGP slot, but I could do that since I use the machine mostly for email and browsing.
Anyway thanks for the info.
Thanks for the help?
- Dan

Shayne Lebrun

Jun 17, 1999
Get the DXR3, not the DXR2. Or the Sigma Designs Hollywood +; same thing, different sticker. Then, yes, you've got a hardware DVD player.

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