Exposed binding posts and covering them with electrician's tape

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    Hi everyone

    I've recently bought some new speakers and I've noticed that there are 4 plugs (for bi-wiring) with the binding posts on the outside connecting the top plug with the bottom.

    I'm not planning to bi-wire these speakers so the binding posts will stay. I'm a little concerned over the live currents exposed.because of the the uninsulated binding posts.

    Do you recommend winding some electrician's tape around the binding posts to make them more kid friendly? This won't cause overheating or degradation in sound?

    Also, poor form on speaker manufacturers in leaving live currents exposed!

    Thanks for your help!
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    They leave them exposed because there is absolutely no chance of any electrical shock. Compared to other electronics, speakers have an extremely low resistance. That is why an amp can push so much voltage (not current). Our bodies are highly resistive so when we touch a set of live speaker wires or terminals, we are receiving a minisule amount of voltage. You should be more concerned about your kids touching a 9v battery to their tongues. That will shock them more.


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