exported M2V (MPEG 2 Video) files back into Premiere

Discussion in 'Computers' started by MarkHastings, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. MarkHastings

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    I have some ".m2v" video files (with the associated ".wav" audio files that were exported for DVD). I need to bring them into Premiere again, but they won't import.

    Is there any way to convert these???

    Here's my scenario of why I need this done:

    I am posting examples of my companies video work on our web site. I use "Sorenson Squeeze" to compress the video for use in Flash. The program won't read our AVID files, so I have to bring them into Premiere and export them uncompressed so that I can use Sorenson Squeeze.

    One of our AVID editors did a project and had exported files for DVD (i.e. mv2 and wav). Since he doesn't have time to re-open the project and export me a movie I can use, he just gave me the DVD files to use, but they won't open in Premiere.

    Am I stuck or is there a free utility to transfrom these?

  2. Jeff Jacobson

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    You can use AviSynth (with this plug in) and VirtualDub to do this.

    AviSynth is a frame server, which uses script files. You need to write an AVS script file to which plays the MPEG-2 files. Then you can open that AVS file in VirtualDub and save it as an AVI file. There is probably a tutorial on doom9.org that will explain this in more detail.
  3. Wayne Bundrick

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    I have Premiere 6.5 and it can import .m2v files, but it's slow as molasses. It seems like Premiere has to keep parsing the entire file over and over for every little thing you do with it.

    If you have TMPGenc, here's a method that might work well enough: Use the MPEG Tools function to multiplex the .m2v file into a MPEG2 Program Stream .mpg file. Then select the .mpg and .wav file as sources in TMPGenc as if you're going to re-encode them to MPEG, but instead of clicking Start, go to the File menu and choose Output to File / AVI File.

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