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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by JackGD, May 27, 2012.

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    I need the experts help to choose my first receiver, I don’t have much experience with such technology, I have read about Dolby, Audyssey, DTS, Impedance, Bi-amp / Bi Wiring and some others, but when I do compare receivers, I find a lot do terms which I don’t know and really have no idea if I do use it, need it, or what. “D.D.S.C – Discrete channel – RS-232 – MCACC.. and so on”
    So I will write down some important features to me along with equipment I already have.
    Below features are enough to me.
    HDMI 3 in-1 front / 1 out
    Composite 2 in / 1front”quick connection”
    Component 2 in / 1front “front camera connects”
    Wireless/ Ethernet “media streaming from my pc”
    7.1-7.2 channels
    All channels driven. Not less than 90w/c
    Video and Audio Decoding features “Dolby-DTS-Audyssey and others”
    Zone 2 is great without the need to add a lot of features to have it.
    IPod is fine.
    “3D + Apple apps + IPad + IPohne + Internet Radio + Flicker + Youtube” are not important to me.
    I will use this device with:
    Sony EX500 LCD
    WD Entertainment “music and movies”
    Blu-ray player
    HD Cable Channels “Cable TV”
    I would like to connect the PC whenever I play games, or music.
    Speakers: “I don’t have it but will order it after I figure out which receiver”
    PolkAudio “RTI A3 – FXI A4 – CSI A4 – DWS Pro 400”
    I’m interested in Pioneer Elite-65/63/61 or Denon 3312-13/2313-12.
    I appreciate your help.
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    I'm a big fan of Pioneer receivers because they offer a lot of user adjustable features (which can cause more trouble than help if you do too much adjusting!) but Pioneer just released they're new lineup of receivers and I've always thought they were way over-priced when they first come out. Unless the new models have some feature you can't live without consider last years models which can be found at a pretty good discount.
    Denon is probably the best over-all receiver (IMO of course) for quality, reliability, performance and features. Onkyo is known for being the best value, H/K for the best amp section and Yamaha and Pioneer as very good over-all receivers. Of the Pioneers and Denons you mentioned I'd go with the 2312 and use the money saved for a much better subwoofer. The speakers you mentioned are fine but you can do better than Polk subs. Look at Lava, Elemental Designs, HSU and SVS. And there's a new kid on the block that I keep forgetting :blush: . Maybe someone else will chip in with the info.
    You can also save quite a lot by buying a factory refurb from an authorized dealer. They come with a 1 or 2 year warranty depending on the model and price. There may be some cosmetic issues with refurbs but usually they are minor. I recently bought a Marantz AVR-5005, UD7006 and 4003 cd player from them and they were all in as-new condition. Saved a ton.
    Here's a comparison chart from Denons website|AVR3313CI(DenonNA)|AVR2313CI(DenonNA)|AVR3312CI(DenonNA)&catID=2011IncommandReceivers(DenonNA)
    It looks like the multi-ch analog inputs are disappearing from new receivers. If you have an older SACD/DVD-A player you might want to think about replacing it as well.
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    Hi Gene :)
    I do like Pioneer products too (ÄVRs) but I wish they push their avr specifications up a little and leave the price the same :S
    I’m not using SACD, and DVD is already has HDMI, honestly, I used to listen to music and movies directly from PC, and it has more features of sound and video and easy to control “if it’s not, at least for me”.
    I think I will go with your pick; Denon 2312 is great even it is missing some features “Phono, AL24, DDSC HD”, and sure will check the other sub brands, sounds better and less money.
    I do appreciate sharing your experience and knowledge with me, I do know now in general about different brands of AVRs, other subs brands, and sure you have encouraged me to use a refurbished one, I was worry that it might not work for a good time.
    Thanks. :)

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