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Jun 4, 2002
I currently have a Denon 3300 (105W/ch), and Def Tech Pro Cinema 100 (4 ProMon100s front/surrounds, center, and sub) setup in the family room. We are currently building a sun-room and deck on the back of the house. The wife has given approval (within reasonable $) to add a set of speakers to the sun-room and a set of waterproof ones on the the deck. I am intending to use another pair of Def Tech Pro Monitor 100s in the sun-room (not a large room) and a pair of Def Tech AW100s on the deck. I would like to do the following with these additions and would like recommendations on how I should do it.
1. Play the same music to all three zones while allowing to adjust the volume in each of the three zones (not as loud in the sun-room, louder on the large deck).
2. Play music to any zone while the other zones are off, or combinations of this. ie, music in the family room and sun room, but not the deck, or music only in the sunrooom, etc
3. Ability to grow. As some point I would like to add another set of speakers in the basement and be able to listen only down there with no one listening anywhere else.
4. Currently I do not see the need to use different sources in diff rooms.
5. There is no more room in the current entertainment center to add anther amp/receiver, thus it will have to go in the basement, just under the family room. Adds complication for control.
Someone suggested getting a Tivoli speaker selector, and a set of Niles volume controls for the sun-room and deck (don't know which ones). Someone suggested adding a sep amp for the addition zones. Someone suggested getting another integrated receiver rather than a sep amp (lower end Denon). Got any specific ideas?

Pete Mazz

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May 17, 2000
I have a similar setup to a garage and deck. I use the digital coax out from my B&K to a digital Sony receiver in the garage. I then use A & B speakers from the Sony to speakers in the garage and deck. The digital out from my B&K is set on zone 2, fixed volume and tied to zone 1 input selection.

If you don't want to run wires from the HT setup, you can use a wireless transmitter/receiver to send the digital or analog signals. There is no losses sending the digital signal this way. I even tried a DD5.1 and DTS feed and it worked.


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