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    I've joined a gym and have been working out an average of 3-4 days/week. I'm alternating between two different split-body (front/back) weights routines (put together by a personal trainer), and doing 20-40 minutes of cardio, depending how early I can get to the gym.

    I've also moderated my diet, adding more fruits and vegetables, I have fast food fairly infrequently, and have severely cut back my ice cream intake! I'm not really interested in a diet plan that would require me to think and plan. If it requires much effort, I won't stick to it. I'm just trying to eat more moderately and not be such a gluttonous hog!

    My goal is to lose inches (I'm already losing inches although my weight is staying fairly constant) and just to be better toned. I'm not wanting to be mega-muscle man, just to be generally fit, to feel better, and to lose the "pregnant woman" belly and boobs [​IMG]

    My question is about the plethora of supplements and protein beverages I see on display. I've also read that ZMA can be beneficial.

    Given my goals, would there be any type of supplements that would be beneficial to me?
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    any good multivitamin
    -they will help your body to run as it is supposed to. as a man get one that also has ginseng extract and lycopene as these have been shown to reduce the risks of some forms of cancer.

    -helps to repair and maintain muscle tissue. muscle tissue is important as it has a large factor in dictating your metabolism. it also helps your muscle recover from a rigorous workout and tone down the muscle soreness that comes from the breakdown and repair of muscle.

    glucosamine chondritin
    -helps to lubricate and in some cases repair cartilage and tendon tissue. this is essential as you get older and your body does not do as good a job at maintaing its own tissue.

    at least 1 gallon of good ole' H20 everyday. For, obvious reasons.

    i take 1 multivitamin, 5 grams of glucosamine chondritin, and 5 grams of glutamine with 8 oz. of water every night right before bed. the reason i do it right before bed is that the human body does most of its repair and regeneration while it is physically at rest. so, one will reap most of the benefits then. the only exception i make to this is when i have had a heavy day lifting. at that point i will take the glutamine right after the workout.

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