Examples of what is wrong with my 47" Panasonic. Comments please!

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    I apologize for the low quality photos. I do not own a digital camera, so these are from 35mm. They do not do justice to the severity of my problems with laserdisc and SVHS/VHS using the Zoom mode on my 47" Panny.
    Here is the Dolby Digital startup from TRUE LIES. Colors are bleeding like mad and there is noise in the picture. The noise is much, much worse than pictured here.
    This photo came out pretty good. The image is noise ridden, with jaggies along the wingspan (much more clear actual size, of course. This disc, which used artificial sharpening (like many LD's) is a shimmering city of jaggies.
    Now this is an example of a crappy picture! On my 36" Wega, this looked pretty good. But on the 16x9 Panny, the image is bleeding everywhere, covered with noise and so blurred, that detail is lost. I just wish the jaggies showed on this photo.
    Here we have HIGHLANDER, a grainy film that looks much better on Laserdisc than DVD. However, zooming in to fit the 1.85:1 ratio film to my 16x9 screen results in a digitized look, with loss in detail and much noise and bleeding. Lambert's face here is unnatural in color and riddled with noise. It looks much better Windowboxed on the set, as do all these LD's, but then I have gray bars on the side and black bars top and bottom! I'll burn my set up!
    One last [​IMG]
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    quote: Originally posted by: Matt_Stevens
    How do I improve the Zoom?! Can it be improved at all? Ltbx LD looks so painfully bad on my set, it's heartbreaking.
    First off, most members of the Panny group do not watch 480i programming on RPTV's at all. Sets are reserved for DVD's and HDTV. I had the same problem as you on my 56", ZOOM or watch scrunched people. I watched scrunched people in letterbox mode. The reason that the ZOOM mode looks so terrible is that the set is actually using a vertically preset convergence pattern that spaces the convergence lines farther apart than they would normally be. This will scale the image to full screen but at a loss of scan lines which just kills resolution.
    This is the exact reason why I bought the RP91 and went HD. The only thing now that I watch in 480i are scrunched newspeople.
    I was able to converge the red and blue convergence lines for the ZOOM mode which improved the picture marginally, but there is nothing you can do about the resolution loss.
    As for SVM, although my set has it, it doesn't seem to be doing much. Using the needle pulse patterns in VE and AVIA they showed no SVM operation at all. Have you tried this test on yours?
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