Everwood 1/26/04 - "Controlling Interest"

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Adam Lenhardt, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Adam Lenhardt

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    A generally excellent episode, with only one thing that really bugged me.

    First, my favorite thing: When Andy evokes Julia's name in his argument with Linda, that was one of the great moments in the show. It said so many things about the characters and the relationships, things that I can't adeqately summarize here. That moment, when the audience realizes what Andy sees in Linda and what made him so desperate to plow forward, and the realization of it was perfect.

    Now, my least favorite thing: Andy winning Linda back. In the context of the earlier moment this was almost ludicrous. First that Andy would try to win her back after realizing that he was trying to recapture what he had with Julia, and then that Linda would take him back knowing that part of what attracted him to her was something that reminded him of Julia. The fact that they didn't even acknowledge what had happened earlier but swung it back around to the HIV thing again was even worse.

    I applaud the show for tackling male eating disorders, something that I haven't seen covered outside news magazines and Health videos. I thought the storyline was well handled and the characterization of the whrestler played by Gregory Smith's brother rather real in it's two dimensional drive.

    The fallout of Amy's decision was also handled in fine fashion, showing how much it's hurting everyone else and how selfish she is to maintain control by devoting herself to one person.

    And, of course, it was nice to see Ephram and Amy talk to each other a bit.

    Plus the acknowledgement that old people do, in fact, have sex.
  2. Ivan Lindenfeld

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    Still my favorite show.

    Edna is not parenting all that well, IMHO. I do not understand why she got Amy her own phone line and phone. Just make her live for a few minutes without the phone attached to her ear. Walking in to their bedroom twice as if it were nothing is just wrong, a correctable behavior.

    That moment with Harold and Bright when Harold says "Your not supposed to worry about how I'm doing," or something to that effect: I have had that conversation with my father before. It's a milestone of growing up, I think. When the child becomes less selfish and less self absorbed and actually shows concern for the parent. There is a lot of emotion in that moment. And it shows how Harold and Bright have become somewhat closer through "The Trials of Amy."

    Amy is still irredeemable. Grrrrr. Looks like she gets a wake up call next week.
  3. Patrick Sun

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    Yup, good episode, filled with little moments among family and extension of family (in the romantic ways). The bulimia storyline didn't really do much for me. Gregory's brother didn't look all that much like him at all (more like Bright).

    Will Amy ever grow up, and if so, will it be too late?

    I'm just glad we didn't get to hear Edna and Irv with some "chicka-chicka-bow-wow" music in the background when Amy walks in on them. [​IMG]

    Bright and Harold are growing closer during this family crisis, and Bright is definitely growing up in the process (though his school transcript won't show it due to his fight being on his 'permanent record'.

    Linda and Andy made up a little too quickly, but perhaps Linda is more accepting of a reconciliation because she know the clock is ticking for her, so there's less time for extended melodrama in her life.
  4. Chad R

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    I was also a bit disappointed how quickly they wrapped up the "Julia" slip. It's okay to make your main character flawed. They haven't shied away from Andy being wrong in the past, and having him relive the same mistakes he made with his wife is a good road to explore for him, and should have ended up being the downfall of that relationship (since I can't believe they plan on this thing working out), and would feed into the overall premise of him not connecting with people.

    Still it was a good show. I'm really diggin the Amy storyline, it's being handled beautifully. Bright and Dr. Abbott's scene was wonderful. I also like that they are beating on Efram and Amy's relationship with the simple problems of an age difference at that age. Good stuff.

    Nina is still on vacation with Pete from Smallville (although he looks to have gotten back earlier than she has).

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