Eva Cassidy - another CD coming!

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    Another posthumous collection, Imagine, will be released August 20, 2002.
    My wife and feel blessed to have met this lovely, sweet woman and to have seen her a few times, including at Blues Alley (where she autographed her Live at Blues Alley CD for us, and at Carter Barron Amphitheater with Chuck Brown.
    Eva, we will always remember your gentleness and your laughing with us about the downpour at Carter Barron.
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    Just picked it up and am listening to it now - it is a real treat and the liner notes mention that much of the material was taken from previously unavailable recordings that just recently were discovered including some from Eva's father Hugh. It hints that there was so much to choose from that more albums will be coming soon including an album with Dan Cassidy (her brother?) called Duet.

    If you like Eva, definitely pick this one up.


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