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Mar 6, 2001
As Eurythmics and Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart fans have known, about two years ago DS was remastering the 8 proper Eurythmics' albums and expanded them with remixes and bonus cuts. Yet they've not been released. I finally got curious enough to do a search on why, and here's the update.

More insight into what caused the plan to be reevaluated comes from an interview with Dave Stewart in October. Asked by "Ino" of eThrill.net about fan interest in seeing the now-suspended reissues eventually come out as CD & DVD combo sets (presenting the music and the videos), Stewart answers:

"You see, in order to put all that stuff out, make it all available and digitize it, put it on dvd and cd, then market it and do all the things you have to do for people to be aware wether they're somewhere in Scotland or Ohio or Australia, there needs to be a big marketing plan - that's what the whole discussion is about at the moment. ...I think that all should be done but there's no point in doing it without a great plan because nobody would know they existed besides the fans. You need the labels round the world to have a plan in place that helps people get aware of that. Otherwise it comes out and nobody knows and that's the end of it."

Note that the emphasis on the videos was from the interviewer, so that desire may represent the fan and musician wish, not neccesarily the label's interest.

Indeed, Stewart's emphasis appears to be that they had a difference of opinion with BMG about the amount of promotion and support any reissue program would receive.

Hopefully BMG will get behind the fans and get behind the musicians and allow Eurythmics to make this happen, but clearly it requires an investment on the label's part.

Obviously the current interest in making music available in CD & DVD dual packs - whether DualDiscs or dual packs of CD & DVD - is just dawning (see the REM announcement this week), and the Eurythmics are a natural for this since their fanbase is as much interested in the videos as the music. The Eurythmics were MTV pioneers.

But since their videos are largely in storage, it will be a challenging project. As Stewart notes elsewhere in the interview, "it's very difficult because people who worked at RCA don't work there anymore and they put the things in a box which then went to some warehouse. And the video companies that made the very early Eurythmics videos don't exist anymore..." So again, BMG needs to make a plan that will make the sales justify the effort.


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Mar 6, 2001
Well Dave Stewart's remasters of the Eurythmics oeuvre never came out (see above) but one can hope his remasters may be the source for the upcoming greatest (yawn) hits collection coming out in November '05:

The first and last track are new songs.

# "I've Got A Life"
# "Love Is A Stranger"
# "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"
# "Who's That Girl?"
# "Right By Your Side"
# "Here Comes The Rain Again"
# "Would I Lie To You?"
# "There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)"
# "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves"
# "It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)"
# "When Tomorrow Comes"
# "Thorn In My Side"
# "The Miracle Of Love"
# Missionary Man"
# "You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart"
# "I Need A Man"
# "I Saved The World Today"
# "17 Again"
# "Was It Just Another Love Affair?"

Of course I'll get this for the 2 new songs, but if this doesn't come out in 5.1 surround on a DualDisc, let the yawning commence. There was already a Eurythmics Greatest Hits album a few years ago. This wasn't needed, unless there's something more to it than it seems.

John Milton

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Dec 22, 2002
I only like 3 Eurythmics songs but that said I'll probably buy the remastered best of when it comes out.


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Mar 6, 2001
Eurythmics.com is now live with info on the remastered reissues, all of which will be in pretty 6 panel digipaks by the original designer of all the covers in the Eurythmics ouvre.

Oddly, there isn't any news about whether there will be DualDiscs or SACDs. There's a rumor that the new greatest hits disc may be coming out as a DualDisc in the UK, but that may be problematic if there is any video content, since that would be PAL format in the UK.

Sadly, so far the only official word is regular CDs. In pretty packaging, but still, just regular CDs. With bonus tracks, but, just regular CDs. Sigh.

1984 is not part of the package because it is from another label.


Jun 4, 2005
I would prefer a 2-disc hits collection, we already have the GH from 91 for a single-disc collection, and that had a lot of missing tracks (Sexcrime, You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart, Right By Your Side, etc.......)

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