International Euro Blu-ray Review: THE CRYING GAME

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    This review is made possible with the help of www.DaaVeeDee.comNotes on my reviews: I do not offer plot summaries in most cases, as these can be found on a million other sites, but rather focus instead on what people want to know: the image and sound presentation, default playback settings, subtitles, audio choices, etc. My equipment: Panasonic TC-P55UT50 Plasma monitor (3-D capable); Panasonic DMP-BDT220 3-D Blu-ray player; LG BD-360 all-region Blu-ray player; Denon AVE-E200 5.1 Surround receiver. All aspect ratios are physically measured on the Panasonic screen, which has been set to eliminate overscan.THE CRYING GAME (1992)LABEL: A Film/Wild BunchCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: NetherlandsREGION: All-Region, confirmedASPECT RATIO: 2.38:1C/BW: ColorSOUND: English Dolby Digital 2.0; dts HD Master AudioSUBTITLES: Dutch BONUS MATERIAL: None.CHAPTERS: 13Highly controversial in its day (seems like yesterday to me), and still packs a wallop. Director Neil Jordan cast one of his favorite actors, Stephen Rea, into the lead, and surrounds him with talents like Forrest Whitaker, Jaye Davidson and Jim Broadbent. This is one of those rare movies in which the whole direction of the film shifts mid-way, yet both halves work beautifully as part of the completed whole. Not as good for repeat viewings as many films (you’ll see why if you’re a newbie), but to watch this remarkably improved Blu-ray transfer after having seen only the crumby non-anamorphic DVD might persuade you to make an exception.Grain on this Dutch release is scarce due to apparent DNR, yet the image is sharp, providing plenty of detail. The colors, including flesh tones, look pleasing and accurate. Darker scenes feature adequate shadow detail.

    The stereo sound is limited to the front speakers, and all dialog emits from the center channel. It is clear and pleasing, while not terribly dynamic.The movie begins immediately after the copyright warning. The credits, unlike the movie proper, are windowboxed. Default language is English, but of course a Dutch track is also included and can be accessed from the main menu.This review was made possible with the help of
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    Thanks for the review, Dick!

    I purchased the re masted Collector's Edition DVD with an anamorphic transfer and a plethora of extras. It sounds like I will be keeping that, but purchasing this, too.

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