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Discussion in 'Music' started by Dick, May 8, 2005.

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    This incredibly majestic theme (written by Morton Gould) was included on the LP and CD of Kunzel's DIGITAL SPACE back in the mid-80's which, for some reason, is one of the few of his Telarc series to go out of (and remain out of) print. I desperately want to re-acquire the WINDJAMMER theme and wonder if anyone knows whether or not it appeared on any of Kunzel's later compilations...? I can't seem to find DIGITAL SPACE even on eBay (even on LP!)
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    The LP of the Original Soundtrack of "Windjammer" (I remember seeing the movie at the Roxy in New York when I was about 4) can be found and the theme is just as majestic and the rest of the music is excellent too. I like it so much that I have 2 copies.
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    I assume you know that the music occurs on a cd called "Moon, Wind and Stars" by Morton Gould and his Orchestra?
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    The album Digital Space was on Varese Sarabande. It was performed by London Symphony and conducted by Morton Gould.

    I have the above album on CD but I also have Windjammer on a dbx type II nr demo LP from Varese Sarabande and Technics. IMHO the cut from the dbx LP actually sounds better to me than the digital space CD copy. If only the LP cut copy I have didn't have some clicks toward the end of the song, it would be perfect. They're both the same recording.

    I burned the dbx LP cut to CD-R years ago and I still the Digital Space CD version.

    Leave me a private message on this board if you'd like to hear that song again

    Can your mailbox take large files (25mb)? Even with FLAC or APE the file would still be around 25 mb. FLAC and APE sound better since they're lossless.

    Or I could do them @ 320 kbit/s MP3's.

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