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ER 5/16/02 Season Finale (1 Viewer)

Patrick Sun

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Jun 30, 1999
After an emotional send-off to Mark Green, it's back to business in the ER, and after going through a possible small pox outbreak, all I have to say is that Carter is da man! After a season of episodes where Carter and Abby dance around their feelings for one another, Carter finally plants one on Abby to bring the season to a close and tells her "It'll be all right."


May 24, 2001
Thought tonight's episode was pretty tense and was left open-ended (aren't most finales anyhow?)
Episode opened with the ER dealing with a bus versus car accident. The high number of casualties forces the doctors (and Abby) to overlook the people in "chairs", including a young couple whose children are sick with a fever.
Eventually Gallant convinces Carter to look at the children and he can't believe what he sees. Both children's faces are covered with pustules. Carter rushes to retrieve a poster from public health authorities that confirms his worst fears. The symptoms seem to suggest a smallpox infection.
Carter quarantines the couple (who had recently returned from central Africa) and their children. When it becomes evident that Dr. Chen had seen the children the week before and diagnosed their illness as a simple fever, she also is quarantined. The ER is then sealed with nobody allowed in or out. The public health authorities are also contacted.
In the middle of all this, Weaver shows up and is refused entry to the hospital. An ambulance pulls up with a woman suffering from internal bleeding into her chest. Unable to move the victim to the ER, Weaver conducts a surgical procedure in the ambulance bay, with Romano passing down surgical supplies from a second floor fire escape.
As Carter and Abby care for the infected family, the young daughter begins to crash. Hotheaded Dr. Pratt is called in to assist and keeps trying to skirt Carter's judgment by suggesting alternative treatments, all while the girl's mother watches her daughter slipping away. The young girl eventually dies and as Carter reprimands Pratt, it's discovered that Pratt is suffering from a fever. He winds up quarantined with Chen.
The other infected child begins to crash. Carter is unable to get Romano down to the ER to perform an emergency tracheotomy and he's forced to perform it himself under pressure. In the middle of the procedure, the protective mask he is wearing begins to fog his safety glasses and he asks Abby to remove it, potentially exposing him to the virus. The child is saved, at least for the time being.
Tempers are boiling over in the ER as patients and visitors demand to be let out, despite the fact that the ER is sealed. Several people try to break down a door with a gurney and Carter is forced to get on the P.A. system and plead for calm. After this, the public health officials receive word from the CDC that the virus is definitely a pox virus, though it's unclear whether it is smallpox. Carter and Abby are told that they will have to remain under quarantine for the time being until the virus is definitively ID'd. As the episode ends, Abby asks Carter is they are going to be all right. Carter tenderly kisses her and tells her that they will. And then for good measure, he stands up and kisses her again as the camera fades to black.
All in all, a very satisfying start to the post-Greene era. One funny part...at the height of the crisis when details outside the hospital are hard to come by, Lewis hears a familiar voice coming from somewhere. She turns around and sees a live television interview being conducted by a news station with Jerry, who has sequestered himself in a phone booth. The caption on the television as he gives his interview..."Live from the Hot Zone." :laugh:


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Feb 9, 2000
Good episode. Man that Dr. Kovac is an ass kicker! Throwing people left and right:laugh::emoji_thumbsup:

Dave Morton

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Oct 19, 2000
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Did anyone else notice that Carter was wearing the green surgical scrubs that Dr. Greene always wore? I thought the episode was ok. Nothing spectacular.

Chuck C

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Jan 6, 2001

Yep I sure did...I think it's because Carter has assumed Dr. Greene's actual position.

I loved the episode, my one gripe was some of the corny rioting in the hospital like when the security guard grabs the one guy trying to escape when they first locked the doors and then Luka taking a guy down.

Ken Chan

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Apr 11, 1999
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I think it's because Carter has assumed Dr. Greene's actual position.
I doubt it; Greene had quite a bit more seniority. I thought Carter just got Chen's chief resident spot (after the screw-up), while Greene was an attending, second only to Weaver.


David Dennison

Second Unit
Sep 10, 2001
Yes, I think Carter is just the chief resident. Notice he kept looking and asking to Susan to take charge as if she was acting chief in Weaver's absence.

Steven L

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 16, 1999
Notice he kept looking and asking to Susan to take charge as if she was acting chief in Weaver's absence.
Yes, I noticed that too.
Good episode, very emotional with the kids with (small?)pox. But I'm starting to find Pratt's arrogance really annoying.
And it's about bloody time for Carter and Abby!! :)

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