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    I am very new at this, have downloaded reciever manual and been reading this and other forums. My equipment varies in age from 6 yr tv, 3 yr vcr and 1 yr dvd. Think I have figured out video does not like formats mixed. Here is my equipment configurations:

    TV (Sony KV32S35): S-Video / two 3-plug RCA line in's /two seperate audio jacks / coaxial cable tv in

    VCR (Panasonic): Only 3-plug RCA A/V out / Cable tv in and cable tv out coaxial

    DVD (Sony 5 disc): S-video / component video / and 3-plug RCA

    My question is can I hook tv to reciever S-vid and DVD to reciever S-vid and VCR to reciever with RCA and still get the VCR to play on tv? Also I occasionaly will tape a show off tv. Where is the best place to hook Cable tv line to? My goal is to home theater with VCR and DVD and play regular tv with sound through the speakers and reciever.

    The new reciever is HK AVR-520. The owners manual is very complex with no diagrams. Your thoughts on this are appreciated. The equipment hopefully gets here today or tomorrow.
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    Absolutely hook the incoming cable line to the VCR and use the VCR to tune the channels! This will give you audio from the TV channels sent to the receiver (via the VCR's audio outputs) and will have you all set to tape programming using your VCR's timer.
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    Welcome Dave,

    If your TV allows you to have both the S-Video and RCA (Yellow) video going at the same time then perhaps you could use the system the way you outlined it (you'll just have to switch Video modes on the TV to see the VCR).

    However, most TV's make you either use S-Video (IN) or RCA (IN), not both, so you won't get to view the VCR if all other items are connected via S-Video.

    You can run the audio out of the VCR (to hear the cable TV you hook to it via coax) to the receiver and hear it fine, but the video won't come through.

    You may have to feed the VCR to TV via coax, and run the red/white audio out to the receiver and just switch inputs on the TV to watch the VCR?

    Or, you could buy an el cheapo S-VHS VCR and solve all your problems....that's what I did and my system works flawlessly now.

    Hope this helps a bit...

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