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    I just bought a low end Onkyo Home Theater Package (HT-R230)from Circuit City and I'm just not happy with the sound. It could be that I spent too many years on stage playing Rock and Roll (I know that my hearing stinks) but due to the fact that the center frequency on the treble control is 20kHz, I hear almost no change in the sound even at a full +12db increase. Even my wife, whose hearing is worlds better than mine, thinks the tone is bland. My question is... are there any equalizers out there that I can run my digital signal (optical and/or coaxial) through before it goes into the Onkyo so I can sweeten it up? Or am I going to have to save up to buy a high end unit with better built in EQ?
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    Save up. Most likely it is the speakers that are the culprit in this case, but if/when you move to better speakers, better amplification will help give you the clean sound that you are looking for. IMO, you might want to go back to CC and see if they have an Onkyo 767? I've heard good things about this package for an HTiB.

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