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    Jan 28, 1999
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    I have a 2.1 system in my sunroom.. I ran Avia warble tones and it seemed to dip and peak quite a bit. Would an EQ help?
    What should I look for.. a 2 channel EQ or is there a single sub EQ? I was checking out ebay and saw the Audio Control Richter Scale Series III.. is this what I need or is it overkill?
    Any advice will be appreciated!
    PS.. components are HK AVR80, Sony EP9ES, Polk R40's and a Velo sub.
    PSS.. If you can.. recommend something pretty slim line.. due to lack of space
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    You might want to check the Speakers & Subwoofer form for "house curve" or "BFD".
    To tame room peeks with a sub, many people love the Behring Feedback Destroyer (BFD). It's basically a 2-channel parametric equalizer with programmable set points. You tell it what frequencies to tame, and how much for each and..done.
    You will also find lots of posts on how to use a SPL meter to identify the peaks/dips, and recomendations on RTA's (Real Time Analyzers) that install on your PC to graphically show you whats going on.
    In fact, I'll move this post over there for you. [​IMG]

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