Epson Powerlite Home 10+ Just basic projector questions!

Discussion in 'Displays' started by jamminsport16, Sep 17, 2006.

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    I just got a new Epson Powerlite Home 10+ Projector and I have some questions for you. Please answer!!

    1.) I have my projector on a shelf right now and I bought a miniture fan to blow on it when its operating. Is this a good things to like keep it cool? Or is it bad for some reason (dust, etc.?)

    2.) My shelf above my bed is where I'm putting my projector. However when I put my projector up there I need the image to go down about 2 feet when I shoot it (projector-bottom of screen needs to be lowered & I don't want to move the shelf!!). So my question is. Is is okay to lift up the back of the projector with like some Styrafome about 1 inch up??? So my image will display in my designated area.

    3.) My old projector used to "never" actually power off. The lamp turns off & it just goes into this "idle" mode. The only way it would turn off is if I unplugged it. I'm actually getting my projector Monday. And will it just idle when I turn it off? Or should I actually unplug the power cord?

    4.) It says to change my filter every 100 days or clean it. I don't have a "special" computer/projector vaccume how else can I do it w/ out damaging or what do u guys use (sponge??) I dono. Thanks =]

    Thanks & reply back. =]

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    An external fan is OK. It should blow with the projector's airflow, that is, into the projector's air intake and not against the projector's exhaust.

    Most projectors operate upside down with a switch or menu setting to flip the picture. This may result in better aim. Simply tilting the projector will result in keystoning, a trapezoidal appearance to the picture.

    Don't unplug the projector until its own fan has shut off which should be a few minutes after the lamp goes out.

    Video hints:

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