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Epson 5300 etc projector bulb. (1 Viewer)

Mark Larson

Supporting Actor
Mar 3, 2002
I sold this guy on ebay, but the seller never paid and I didn't want negative feedback, so I rolled over and didn't file a non-paying bidder complaint.

Anyway, I've got this bulb here that goes into a Epson 5300 projector. Its also compatible with other Epson projectors, which ones I'm not sure of.

It sold on ebay for around $150, I'll put it up for $120 here.

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Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
A bit ot.
I have found that these lamps are far more interchangeable with other projectors then most people realize.
Posting lamp specs may help in the sales as well.
Lamp: Type: 120W UHE
Life: 2000 hours

A few years ago, I was looking for some cheaper in cost lamps for my Yamaha dlp, no way did i desire to pay the $600 retail.
After some long searches and cross references, I found many other NON clone projectors using the same lamp module.
I found that many PLUS projectors amongst others used identical replacement 120W P-VIP lamps. The only differences were the OEM part numbers on the label.
I went from $600 retail down to under $275.

I even found a step up model with a slight increase of output.
This was a 150W P-VIP and the power supply draw was the same, heat output is no problem, again identical module, no need to even pull the lamp from its housing.

I encourage those looking at purchasing lamps to do a bit of legwork.
You maybe surprised that deals such as Mark’s lamp here can save you some real green

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