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Jan 8, 2008
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Something I'd like to know about the describing of episodes in a seasonal (or series) DVD release: why do such releases sometimes have episode descriptions that are not exactly reflective of the content of that season's (or series') episodes?

Take the sixth go (1976-77) of Emergency! (the final regular go, before the six post-series TV movies started), and a sixth-and-final-season episode called "Isolation" (OAD Saturday, March 19, 1977 on NBC; final episode on Disc 4 of the sixth-and-final-season release). The description says "Stranded at Station 86 when a rainstorm washes out the bridge, Gage and DeSoto become the sole emergency medical responders in the area, rushing to the scenes of multiple victims in need of help."

The typo in this description is that they only rushed to one scene which had multiple victims in need of help, and that was the auto accident off the side of the road in the dirt in an overturned vehicle (5 people needed assistance with that one); all of their other victims were treated right at the fire station, and further treated at Rampart later.

What I would like to know is why the description was written as though all the victims were rushed to and treated in the course of the paramedics' duties in that area in that episode. Attached is the description as captured from the inner episode guide on the sixth go (keepcase version), BTW...


Also, which release(s) for you has/have/have had descriptions that are/were not truly reflective of content?


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Jul 17, 2022
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Head of the class,season 5 episode where's charlie,features the season premere of the final season,features billy connelly,as the new teacher,who is actually scottish.but without the original cast,includes the jawalialal,maria and janice,which returns for the graduation series finale,and mr.moore gone,it was pretty much wrapping up,after only five years.the ihp kids were on it's way out.and so is the sitcom,that has lasted for five years on abc.it's not always are not truly reflective of content,but it's,going out with a fireworks.it's has been a ride for 5 years.i hope wb might release the final season soon,figure hotc fans dream about what might'ive been if the maria jawaliarl,had come back for the finale,and mr.moore,it would been great.but sadly they never came.a bombed spinoff billy,might no one watched.

Growing pains final season,was heartfelt amazing,again it was not truly reflective of content,it's was going out in style,
Tracey gold,was pretty much absent,but returned for the final episodes of the series was amazing,and leonardo dicaprio was amazing,he got promoted as a cast member,he was amazing.gp fans will go on in syndication for many years to come.
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