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  1. Danny Bissell

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    Jan 16, 2002
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    I'm a college student, which means two things:

    1. I really like cool stuff, and want a DVD player.

    2. I can't afford a REALLY nice one.

    I was wondering if anyone could help, and possibly reccomend an entry level DVD player that is okay, and won't die after a few months or do stupid stuff like screw up audio or video quality, but also won't cost too much. Any suggestions would really help. Thanks.

  2. John P Grosskopf

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    Jan 21, 2001
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    This is post is for informative use only, and is not intended to promote bootlegging in any way.
    That said:
    To get a pretty nice DVD player that does everything a good DVD player should GO to Sams.
    Buy the Daewoo DVD-5700 for $99.99.
    Take the unit home and hook it up to your system.
    Go to this link on the web: http://www.nerd-out.com/forum/viewto...31&forum=13&27
    Here you will find instructions on making the player region-free. There you will also find a link to upgraded firmware you can download, burn onto a CD-R, and install into the unit to make it Macrovision free as well. You would need to do this in case you own a Mitsubishi or other TV where Macrovision has been shown to interefere with normal, legal viewing of video software.
    Note: Download and use only the second patch, as the remote sequence listed on the site will make the player multi-region and RCE-free, negating the need for the first firmware patch.
    Again, this is post is for informative use only, and is not intended to promote bootlegging in any way.
  3. Nick G

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    Aug 12, 2001
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    I am happy with the Panasonic RV31, it sells for around $170 at Sears, Best Buy etc.


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