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    Has anyone heard of these homes or know of someone that has one? They sound very interesting. www.enertia.com
    I emailed them for a list of previous homeowners so I could ask if they were satisfied. They said they get 150,000 request a year and their homeowners said they had enough hassles. They said they build display models and I could visit one they are building in Green Bay (the closest one to me, although several hundred miles).
    If you know of anyone that has built one or have heard of these homes before, please let me know. Thanks.
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    I saw one of these homes featured in "Extreme Homes" on HGTV. It looked really nice, and the homeowners seemed to be thrilled with the home's performance.
    I can vouch for the science behind it. About 20 years ago, I designed almost exactly the same kind of "house within a house" to use solar-powerd convection to heat and cool the interior using earth/air heat exchange. But I was told by local home inspectors and other municipalities that such a design would never be allowed since the convection would feed a fire if one should ever start, making small fires into big fires in record time. So I never pursued it.
    Dang. Apparently, someone's making money from "my idea" now. [​IMG]
    Oh, well. [​IMG]

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