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Tim - W

Dec 12, 2003
I think I may have narrowed my search for speakers down. I am putting together a speaker system that will go with the Onkyo TX-SR601. I am not a true audiophile and have trouble understanding why certain speaker manufacturers sound better with certain receiver manufacturerd. I have been told that the Polks would go better with this receiver than say the Infinity speakers. I have also heard the energy speakers and they sound good, but I am uncertain as to how they will sound with the Onkyo. Specifically I am looking at the following:

Front: Polk RTi 28 or RTi4 vs. Energy Take 2.2
Center: Polk CSi30 vs Energy Take 1.2
Sub: Polk PSW303 vs Energy S8.2
Rear: In-ceiling (yet to be determined but probably Polk or Niles)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Stunt Coordinator
Jun 11, 2003
Nice coinsidence, I have the TX-SR601 and absolutely love it! I also have Polk speakers...
L/R: R30's
Surround: R15's
Sub: PSW303

Until I got this receiver, I had been considering new speakrers, but not now. I am in love with my sound again. I would like to possibly upgrade my surrounds to dipoles/bipoles, but other than that I am extremely pleased. I, like you, am not sure what makes certain speakers sound good with certain receivers, but my combination certainly works for ME. So far I am a big Polk fan and will be sticking with them when I do get the upgrade bug. One thing, I didn't purchase the PSW303 sub, I won it from Polk Audio's website survey. If I were purchasing a sub, I would probably save more money and get an SVS, but since my Polk was FREE I am alright with that for now. It does sound better than people will lead you to believe.


Second Unit
Jun 29, 2003
I run...

Polk RTi6s for fronts
Polk R20s for rears
Polk CSi30 for center
Polk PSW350 sub-woofer

I am quite pleased with these speakers. If I were you, I might look at the models up in Polk (RTi6, RTi38) for fronts. They might be more adept for the task.


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 27, 2003

I have a system that is similar. Same fronts, rears (R15), same center, and a velodyne CHT-12 sub, powered by a TX-SR501

I thoroughly enjoy them.
Also: IMO the RTi38s shouldn't be compared to the RTi6s. That is an insult to the 6s :D I have listened to both of them , and with the new tweats in the 6s, combined with other improvements, the changes are amazing. The RTi6 will not dissapoint. But I'm biased :b Also: The RTi6 replace(d) the RTi38s.

Tim - W

Dec 12, 2003
Thnks for the input so far. I am really struggling to make up my mind of what I should purchase.


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 17, 2003
RTi38s for sure. I just got some and they are excellent for the price. Grab a pair from Crutchfield as soon as you can! They wont be around long at their discontinued liquidation price.

Also, I would not get a PSW303. Polk subs are NOT as good as they cost

Bob Kavanaugh

Second Unit
Jan 17, 2003
I've got the take 5.2's with a Sony DA2ES receiver. I have been more than happy with them, but I sometimes wonder if getting bigger speakers would have been better. Try your best to audition them both, maybe there's an audio shop within a reasonable distance that would be able to help. You aren't going to trust us to make the right decision are you? :D ... wait ,that's what I did :b

Dave Shepard

Sep 30, 2003
I run...
Denon 3803
2--Rti-70's LF&RT front
1--csi-40 center front
2--fx-30's side
2--rti-38's rear
also have 1 extra csi-40 and wanting another 40 for a/b in the rear
1--SVS PB2+ sub

The polks are very clean and dollar for dollar IMO can't be beat. Have excellant sound.



Jan 28, 2004
polk vs energy
don't really see where the problem lies cos had a listen to the energy (think it's the 9's or 5's) recently and it fell way short of the things i've had a chance to listen to lately- take my advice if u want to,cos i also bought the new Onkyo 601e AVR, and as yet the best soundstaging was on the JPW range (ie, 203 floorstanding, and 208 centre, with dipoles)- it's a UK brand and u can see them on jpwspeakers.co.uk

check my other threads as it mite give u a bit more info on some related stuff.
still waiting for the dealer to setup a final listen to teh polk RTi10's and then i'm making a decision on what to buy!

ok, later!


Stunt Coordinator
Feb 19, 2004
I have not heard the Energy line of speakers before but I run an all Polk setup and could not be happier with my speakers.

Center: CSi5
Fronts: RTi10's
Surrounds: FXi3's bi-pole / di-pole switchable
backs: RM2600's
Subs 2 PSW404's
(the subs are not as bad as you always hear from people, I have had a PSW350 for 4 years as well, still going strong)

I really enjoy my fronts, the RTi10 is a great speaker. I hade a pair of Klipsch RF-35 previous the the RTi10 but as soon as I heard them I bought them right there. Got them home and they sounded even better (they had some crap 18GA. cables feeding them at the showroom, they really sound fantastic with good quality 12GA. wire now)
the Imaging and sound for HT is great and for music, the clarity is what sold me, even at higher volume it sounds "full" just the right amount of lows, mids and highs...not harsh at all.
My center channel is a monster that sounds great! and the surrounds with the di-pole / bi-pole switch is really nice to have, I can just about place them anywhere now.

Just my .02 cents on Polk Audio.


My starter home theater


Stunt Coordinator
Jul 16, 2003
Hi there. I, too, have not listened to Energy's speakers, but I've got a very good Polk setup:

RTi70's up front
CSi40 center
RTi38's as surrounds

I am very, very happy with these speakers. I'd recommend the 38's over the 28's, too. To me, the sound is more natural, and they'll provide a stronger front soundstage than the 28's. Don't get me wrong, the 28's are still very nice speakers, it's just the 38's do a better job at making movies seem "big". Hope I've helped.


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