Energy EXL Series Loudpeakers

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    Jan 29, 2002
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    I have a 6 channel set of Energy series EXL Loudspeakers for sale, they are as follows:

    EXL-26 (1 Pr.) $375
    EXL-25 (1 Pr.) $275
    XL-C2 (1 CC.) $175
    XL-C (1 CC.) $100

    I am the only owner, I have treated these like babies. I really love the sound of these speakers a lot, and I can assure you that the only reason I am getting rid of these is because I want to step up in the Energy Line. For my setup I used the 26's for front LR, the C2 as Front Center, the 25's for side surrounds, and the C for rear center. I would really like to sell them as a set, so this would be great for the audiophile who's interested in getting started. They sound terrific for both Movies and music. The 25's and 26's are both Freestanding loudspeakers. I have original Boxes for each of the products as well as the literature that went with them.

    Speakers are currently located in Montana. Please add an additional $100 for shipping.
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    I guess these have been sold??

    if not, i am interested in the center channel

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