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    i just picked up a pair of c-5's for the mains and the c-c1 center channel. The c-5's sound awesome and are definetly a step up from my polk rt800i's but the center is pretty weak. Its not as strong as my polk cs400i. Does anyone know if they are going to release a center channel (c-c3 i think) that has 6.5" woofers as opposed to 5.25" woofers?

    I really want to keep these speakers and upgrade my old setup but if the center channel isn't as strong or better than my old one, i'm going to have the return the whole thing.

    On a side note, does anyone have any suggestions or personal experiences with some speakers that you could reccomend that would beat out my old setup? I'm not looking to spend more than $1000 on 2 main speakers and a center channel. thanks for the help.
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    sorry wrong post

    somebody sneaked into my account...
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    Energy will be releasing a cc-3 center speaker this late June with 6.5" drivers. Watch for it.

    The Paradigm Reference series is pretty popular on this board, but there are a lot of other options out there. You used to have Polks, and Polk just came out with a new high end series of speakers that are getting rave reviews, and if you are into speaker kit building at all, there are a lot of great reviews of the GR Paradox 1 and AV-1 which are also in your price range. There's probably a good number of speakers out there that will give the Polk 800's a run for your money. Maybe if you told us a little about the type of sound that you're looking for, and associated equipment, we'd be in a better place to recommend something.

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