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Mike Likens

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Jul 9, 1999
For those of you looking for a high value great sounding floorstanding speaker consider the C-7. Build quality is good but not outstanding. The finish is in black oak vinyl instead of the high gloss that Energy sometimes uses:frowning:. These towers are also not biwirable so if that is important to you then you will have to look elsewhere.
My first impression was that these speakers just sound right. Or maybe I should say they didn't do anything wrong that I could hear. They are very low in any coloration. The midrange was dead on. The highs were smooth and detailed without being harsh. A fizzy top end bothers me more than anything. The bass was tight but not very low. The music seems to eminate from around the speakers which gives the sound a wide open feeling. I personally like that trait in a speaker. The other thing that stood out while auditing these speakers were their speed. They seemed to start and stop sounds very quickly without any smearing effects which made them very clear and detailed.
As you can tell I liked these speakers a lot. I did not get to try them in a full 5.1 setup. But, if they do music right then they probably will do theater right. My only other concern was that they are tall and narrow and are very unstable without their supplied feet. These may be my next upgrade.


May 31, 2002
I've done some extensive auditioning of the C-1 bookshelf speaker and found exactly what you're describing. A nice wide open sound field, without any feeling of it sounding unpleasent or disappointing in any area. That thin profile of the speaker is definetly why their bass isn't as low as one would wish, but since I know I'm gonna get a subwoofer no matter what its not a big concern for me. Anyway, yes I liked these very much as well!

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