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    Jan 9, 2002
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    I ran this last week, but didn't get any feedback. Could you guys take another look? Thanks.
    I have not done a DIY project for many years (since my younger car audio days!), but I think I am ready to dive in again. I want to experiment with a few projects first to get my feet wet. I have a couple of 15 inch drivers at my disposal that I would like to use for a subwoofer project. The specs are listed below. I have played around in LSPcad and it looks like I can get something in a managaeble 4-5 cu. ft. vented enclosure tuned pretty low. Could a few of you more experienced guys run these specs for me and suggest an alignment? I am looking for good performance below 60Hz, in a moderate room (11W x 19L x 9H) with a 200W plate amp. Ease of construction would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate your help.

    Piston D 0.33 M
    Re 3.25 Ohm
    Vas 9.28 Ft^3
    Fs 19.0 Hz
    Qes 0.35
    Qms 12.23
    Qts 0.34
    nO 0.49%
    Efficiency 88.9 dB
    Xmax 8.26 mm one way
    Power 250W
  2. Chris Tsutsui

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    Some simple instructions for a reinforced enclosure check out Adireaudio. They have different 15" sub designs, some vented and some not and the measurements/specs are posted.

    I'd start with one of adires designs and modify it unless you plan on totally designing an enclosure yourself.

    I don't think there will be someone here to design the sub for you, maybe if you tell us your preferences for ports, their size, volume, and tuning point.
  3. Pete Mazz

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    May 17, 2000
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    Using both drivers in a single enclosure ~8 cu ft tuned to 18 looks good. If you want more "punch" tune to 25.


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