EMMYS retooled and 'toned down' in response to attacks

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    I think this may be going a tad far now. It seems the Emmys are toning down the broadcast when the postponed show finally airs on Oct. 7. They are asking the guests to wear 'classy business attire', which means no tuxes or evening gowns. They are taking away the fan bleachers so the arrival will be less glitzy, and they may not even have a red carpet.
    The show itself will be retooled so it'll be less funny and more serious with several tributes to TV's coverage of the events on 9/11.
    By the time the ting airs It'll be almost a month since the attacks. That should be enough time for people to be able to settle in and watch a regular awards show without thinking that it's profane. Perhaps I'm insensitive, but I think American can handle a little levity and glamour now. Part of the healing is getting back to normal. Delaying the show was respectful enough, changing it to a near funeral proceding keeps the wounds open.
    The link to the story is here: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/2001...mmys_dc_1.html
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    It sounds like the producers are doing this as much for themselves as for the audience. A lot of entertainers feel differently about what they do now, and they're making adjustments accordingly. That was a running theme for all the late-night hosts when they came back (at least the ones I saw: Letterman, Leno, Kilborn). Jon Stewart was pretty eloquent on the subject as well.
    Besides, a more tasteful awards show would be an improvement, IMO. [​IMG]

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