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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Barry F, Jan 27, 2002.

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    I've been seriously reconsidering my near-future speaker purchase. I had planned, originally, to modestly upgrade to Energy XL series speakers. However, with some talk of Energy bringing back the C line speakers, I decided to hold off.

    While at an audio shop recently, I had the privelege of demo-ing a pair of Eminent flat panel speakers. Man, was I impressed. The clarity of sound was magnificent.

    My future speaker upgrade will probably look like this:

    Eminent LFT-VIII mains

    Eminent LFT-12 center

    Rear speaker of my choice to come later (probably Audes)

    SVS 16-46cs w/ S700 amp

    To run the mains, I've decided to go with a KR brand tube-based amp. I will use my Denon 3802 to power the center and future rears.

    I currently have the 3802. My next purchase will (probably) be the LFT-VIIIs with the KR amp ($3500 total).

    I've decided to purchase things one step at a time, and although it is extremely painful to do it this way, it seems to put my at an advantage financially. I'd prefer to purchase higher-end equipment slowly than mid-level equipment quickly.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the selections?
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    In an HT environment, you will almost certainly require solid state amplification.

    I too love ET speakers, but they are monumentally low sensitivity 83dB/1w/1m if memory serves me correctly.

    You need some serious amplification horsepower to get them "up to speed" for HT use.

    Stereo listening is another matter, and the GW Labs stereo 70 amplifier would do a real nice job driving them.

    If you had the budget, I'd say go after the about to be released LFT-14s from Eminent, but they are going to sell for US$4K/the pair. The VIII-A goes for less than half this value.

    I really love Bruce's speakers, and you couldn't meet a nicer person.

    Best of luck building the HT with Eminents.


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