Eminence Lab 12 raw drivers-mint and barely used

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    I have two of these 12" drivers. Both have about 25 hrs playing time. Sell both for $75 and shipping.

    Recommended for vented, sealed, and horn-loaded professional audio enclosures as a subwoofer. The driver features long-throw construction with a heavy-duty 12-spoke die-cast aluminum frame and Kevlar® reinforced paper cone. In a horn-loaded configuration, a pair of these 12" drivers can produce bass output comparable to 6 or 8 conventional 18" woofers. Also great as an automotive sub.

    Specifications: *Power handling: 400 watts RMS/800 watts max *VCdia: 2.5" *Le: 1.48 mH *Impedance: 6 ohms *Re: 4.29 ohms *Frequency range: 25-125 Hz *Magnet weight: 160 oz. *Fs: 22 Hz *Sensitivity: 89.2 dB 1W/1m *Vas: 4.4 cu. ft. *Qms: 13.32 *Qes: 0.39 *Qts: 0.38 *Xmax: 13 mm *Dimensions: Overall Diameter: 12.32", Cutout Diameter: 10.98", Mounting Depth: 6.44".
    Double stacked 80 oz. ferrite magnets
    Copper voice coil on Polyimide former
    12-spoke die-cast aluminum basket
    Kevlar® reinforced paper cone with foam cone edge
    Vented and extended core

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