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Elvira's Box Of Horrors? Night of the living Dead, Dementia, Etc... (1 Viewer)

Ryan Wishton

May 17, 2003
Anyone remember Elvira and the show from the 80's?

I am sure those of you from the time do. She sort of dresses like a halloween hooker/vampire and introdues old horror films. I remember the show and thinking she was a pretty entertaining host as well.

Anyways, Timelife has just released a box set including 7 old horror movies with Elvira as host.

Cost in $29.99.

Pictures and Description are all from Timelife. ***No right given or implied***

Actually has been a good seller as well. It was recently on backorder.

Heres for those of you who are interested. Not too bad of move choices either for fans of older B&W horror.

Elvira Presents: The House On Haunted Hill and The Terror
That's right boys and ghouls, the Mistress of the Dark presents this double-header of horror. Vincent Price hosts a ghost party in a haunted mansion, and Boris Karloff traps Jack Nicholson in a gothic castle in the Roger Corman mood piece "The Terror."

Elvira Presents: Little Shop of Horrors and The Brain That Wouldn't Die
That Vamp for all seasons, Elvira, hosts this horror show two-fer. First, Roger Corman's original tale of a little plant with a taste for human blood. Then, a twisted doctor hunts for a new, sexy torso for his decapitated girlfriend. A gore fest!

Elvira Presents: Dementia 13 and Carnival of Souls
When "axed," Elvira will tell you her lucky number is 13. Therefore she takes particular delight in presenting these cult classics, one an early collaboration between Francis Coppola and Roger Corman, the other a standard in low budget horror.

Elvira Presents: Night of The Living Dead
Her life's work is your horror and this is one of Elvira's favorite tales, darling! It involves the resurrection of the freshly dead as flesh-eating zombies terrorizing a family trapped in a country house. A true horror masterpiece by George Romero.


Michael Elliott

Senior HTF Member
Jul 11, 2003
Real Name
Michael Elliott
I don't think these are from the 1980's broadcasts. Instead, I believe it's Elvira "today" redoing her act for these PD films.

Was it Wizard who released her stuff on video back in the day??? I can't remember who it was but I'd buy the older stuff but I own way too many versions of these films to rebuy them for the introductions and so on.

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