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Elite (DV-37) Question (w/533SD5)

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chris Lehner, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. Chris Lehner

    Chris Lehner Agent

    Oct 17, 2002
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    I'm back, and what a difference a weekend makes. I did some extensive viewing, and fiddling, which is not the same as tweaking. More just that I got familiar with the controls of my TV and DVD player. I discovered something very important too. I've mentioned before that I have an Elite DV-37. I've had it for about 6 months, but had never really messed with it too much because I had it hooked up to my previous set; an old Sony direct-view, without any component input. I bought the player knowing I would be upgrading to an HD set soon, but given no progressive scan and not much tweaking, I pretty much plugged the thing in and was playing movies. And all was fine. But now, with the new set, and trying to set AVIA levels, I've discovered a few things. One, I never noticed that the DNR Pro light was always activated, but now I can't seem to defeat it. Elite owners, anyone know how to defeat this or does this enhancement always have to be on? I also discovered, that not only do I have all the picture controls on the set, I have even MORE pictures controls on my player. My player allows you to control YNR (Brightness), CNR (Color), MNR (Mosquito), BNR (Block), Sharpness for High and Mid frequencies, Detail, White Level, Black Level, Black Set-up, Hue, Chroma Level and Chroma Delay. I know all these things are here to help picture quality and allow a great deal of fine-tuning, but for my initial AVIA settings, I would just assume everything was "turned-off", so I could start with a "neutral" picture and adjust from there.

    Interesting enough, I'm sure that the White Level, Black Level and Black Set-up must effect Contrast and Black Level tests a great deal. I also noticed, and this was mentioned earlier in the thread as well, my player allows you to switch between 0 IRE and 7.5 and I was set to 7.5. I don't really understand the idea of 0 IRE, except that it is supposedly "desirable", so if a player is capable of passing 0 IRE, can someone explain to me why even offer a 7.5 setting? Brian L, you mentioned the same thing about your DV-45; that it didn't pass 0 IRE. I'd check and see if it is switchable like my DV-37.

    So can anyone shed some light on this Elite player, especially how to just "switch off" the DNR Pro until I at least make some neutral adjustments with AVIA?

    BTW, this weekend I watched Mulholland Drive, which looked good, SW II AOTC, which looked awesome but still not as good as it should I fear; The Usual Suspects, Special Edition, which did not impress me picture-wise, Ocean's Eleven, also not so great and Insomnia, which looked surprisingly good. With all those "white nights" and shadows, the color was surprisingly crisp and sharp. For the record, my girlfriend thought all the movies looked nice.

    Chris L
  2. Jay Blair

    Jay Blair Second Unit

    Nov 3, 2001
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    Use the Dimmer button on the remote (it cycles through 3 brightness levels before shutting off each time you press the button) to turn off all lights on the front of the DV-37 except for the FL Off button (I put a small piece of electrical tape over that to hide it except for a thin sliver of red at the top).

    You can also turn off the DNR Pro light by turning off the DNR settings using the Video Adjust control on the remote and then selecting Video Setup in the onscreen menu. All the controls for both DNR and the 3 levels of sharpness can be turned off by setting the levels all the way to the left where is says Off.

    Personally I keep IRE set to 7.5 most of the time (except for playing DVD-Rs due an IRE bug in my Panasonic DVD recorder) because this is how my TV levels are calibrated.

    I use one of the three user level settings in video setup to turn off all the DNR controls and one to turn the controls up fairly high for some noisier discs and switch between the 2 user settings depending on what disc I'm playing.

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