Elephant Man? What a moving Movie!!!

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    I picked up the Elephant Man lastnight the picture looks superb and the audio I couldnt believe was actually very good for a 1980 movie. The 5.1 remix was remastered very well. Alll channels are audiable. The center channel was clear with dialog. The surrounds were also active throught the movie which gave the movie and extra star from me. I give the Movie 4 stars out 5. Also if anyone is familiar with this movie. The scene where Mr. Treavse sees the Elephant man for the first time at the circus, wasn't it shown in the movie theater that we weren't supossed to see the Elephant Man at all in that scene it was supposed to be dark in that precise moment where the Elephant man gets up and Mr. Trevese cries, well on the DVD I can see the Elephant Man rather well, I dont know if it was just my TV Settings or we were supposed to see him in that scene, because I thought the Elephant man wasn't seen until later in the movie. I could be wrong, anyone shed some light here.
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    can't remember the answer to your question but I concur that this is an amazing film.

    Glad to get it in 16x9 OAR on DVD!


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