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    Jul 23, 2001
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    I have been lurking here for a couple of months. First of all I have to say that I really enjoy this site. There are tons of useful information here. You can check my equipment lists to see my "beginners" HT.

    I was just wondering how much you guys spend for electricity? And of that amount, how much do you think is because of your HT? Most of my appliances are gas (dryer, stove, water heater, furnance) so my electric bill is not too bad. I have not noticed a huge increase since my HTiB came along. How about you guys?

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  2. Ryan Wright

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    Jul 30, 2000
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    They just increased our rates by 40%... [​IMG]
    My water heater & furnace is natural gas. Everything else is electric.
    Per month, for my house (1727sqft):
    Summer: $80/electricity, $15/gas
    Winter: $40/electricity, $80/gas
    However, since rates have gone up, this winter I'm paying $60+ per month for electricity. I expect my rates next summer to hit $120 or so.
    As far as how much of this is HT related, very little. Maybe a couple bucks a month. I mean, really, even with the big screen TV and stereo equipment, we're not talking that much. If I had to guess I'd say 500 watts total. That's no different than if I sat in my living or family room with the lights on nice and bright and read a book or did something else.
    My biggest electricity draw is my computers. I'm pulling at least ~1200 watts 24/7 to operate two full blown servers & networking equipment. Not to mention two servers running on laptops to save space & electricity. When I actually work on something, I've usually got another two PCs going, plus two 17" monitors and a 21". When my wife comes in to read her email that's another PC and another monitor. We spend a couple hours back there together at least every other night... I figure the PCs eat 300 watts a pop, so when we're in the room that's 900 watts plus four monitors at a minimum of 200 watts a pop, so 1700 watts.
    A year ago I left all of my PCs on 24/7. I saved a good $25 a month by shutting down the workstations when not in use. I could save another $20 if I shut down the servers, but that's not an option. [​IMG]
    We've replaced most of our lighting with compact fluorescent and have seen a decent savings. We got these $13 bulbs for $0.99 a piece on a once in a lifetime deal the local PUD had, so we bought a couple dozen of them. I wouldn't have paid $13 for them, but at a buck a pop, they've already paid for themselves (27 watts a piece instead of 100, and every bit as bright).
  3. Thomas_A

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    I'm pure electric in my house... normaly about 175 in mid summer and 65 during what we have for spring.. winter usualy about 100... my house is a 1 story 2400sq/ft... We have a Trane heat pump system...very popular down here in the south...

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