Electra Glide In Blue

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Brent Avery, Aug 12, 2004.

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    It was mentioned in a previous post back in April that this film with Robert Blake was scheduled for release sometime in August. Well, so far I have not found any information on whether or not MGM will be doing so and if so that they will treat us to a decent OAR 16X9 transfer. I was really looking forward to adding this to an ever growing collection and am somewhat dismayed at the prospect of a no show ( anyone know differently? ). Mind you, it will be worthless if a P&S version is thrown at us and you know what? I wouldn't put it past them. An example is Judgement At Nuremberg - very nice on the video presentation of 1:66 but still not with a 16x9 transfer. Someone missed the boat. ( Again ). I see that Goodtimes ( '67 ) starring none other than Sonny & Cher will be out soon - it looks like a bit of harmless '60's entertainment and is even mentioned as being : Widescreen! The balloon may just deflate rather quickly on that expectation as I will assume a letterbox version and not 16x9. Charly is another disaster as an up and coming P&S triumph from a caring and concerned MGM. I really dislike taking potshots at Studios like MGM as they do produce a number of decent older films that actually try to measure up to the expectations we have come to expect out of
    say WB or Paramount. Heck, even Universal is trying more or less as I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of If A Man Answers, That Funny Feeling and Coogan's Bluff. They were above average and well worth buying. Well, hopefully the ones that need to will come to their senses sooner than later and produce a product that is consistent so that we can stop trying to guess everytime certain Studios announce another back catalog release - I get mixed feelings more often than not. One in favour of MGM is pricing - Columbia TriStar could use a few pointers in that area from them and Paramount. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Well, if you can't wait to see ELECTRA GLIDE, it is available in region 2. Nicheflix has it for rent.

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