Effects of speaker placement?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by BrianJ>Y, Jun 18, 2003.

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    I'm trying to increase the response of my speakers between the frequencies of 100-800hz. How would I do this with placement? Moving the speakers closer to the side walls, rear wall, or both?

    Also, if the mid/bass driver's distance from the rear and side wall are equal, how would the sound (around what frequencies) be affected?
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    Closer to the back wall will tend to accentuate lower mid frequencies, but may make the sound muddy. Closer to the side wall can give you first reflections that you may not want (tweak them inwards).

    Can't answer the last question, because it will vary depending on the room, how far apart the speakers are, and the speakers.
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    If you put your speaker closer to the side wall and back wall it should increase the bass response.

    A subwoofer can be placed within 20 inches of the corner of a room. Since the 20 inches equates to an 1/8th wavelength of 80hz (80hz = upper bass a sub plays), the corner placement will reinforce the "working range" of the sub.

    As you move the speaker further away from the wall, the reflections become lessened and you hear just the driver.

    However, with corner placement, there are severe phase ussues that cause distortion when placing a full range speaker in a corner which is why subwoofers are "separated" from the mains so that they alone can be corner placed for optimal performance.

    I suggest keeping your mains away from the side wall, and start with them 12" from the front wall. If that's not enough bass then move them closer and closer.

    Placing your mains IN a corner will have the most bass output, but you'll also get to hear how distorted your speakers can get. [​IMG]

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