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Sam Posten

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Oct 30, 1997
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Josh Dial

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Jan 2, 2000
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And honestly who knows which one is "correct". I didn't create the mix so I don't know if the Atmos mix was dialed down or the DTS mix was amped up.
Thanks for your (very detailed!) review, Carlo. This quoted portion is sage advice here and in most other cases.

When I saw this in the theatre many moons ago, frankly it wasn't that astounding sound-wise. Good, yes, but to my ears (and memory) it wasn't as good as Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Days of Future Past, or even Big Hero 6 or The LEGO Movie. The blu-ray was incredible, but it didn't accord with my theatre experience.

I'm still waiting for my copy (as usual, I had to import the steelbook to Canada). So until I watch and listen to it, all I can say is that just because a soundtrack is louder or deeper doesn't necessarily mean it's better/worse or more/less accurate (when compared to the creative team's intent). Even if the production house lazily slapped on a gate to chop off the lowest portions of the track doesn't mean it's bad (or good).

At the end of the day, the only reviewers I trust these days are here at the HTF.


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Oct 31, 1997
I do still stand by my comment that unless someone speaks out, we won't know which is more "correct". But I will say that based on some light knowledge of authoring tools (and I mean really light knowledge), it's more likely that an automated process to perhaps filter, or roll off, really low (and really high) frequencies may be the "more likely scenario" than some DTS mastering engineer saying "let's alter this film's soundtrack and turn it up to 11!" Again, zero proof, just speculating as to which scenario is more likely. Each can decide on their own.

The more curious thing is the lower level of rear surround activity. Assuming they got the same master mix for the film, that one isn't easily explained away by an automated "roll off lows/highs" filter process. Someone needed to go in there and turn down the levels of the surrounds. I understand since the film wasn't in Atmos on release, they'd have to remix it for Atmos. And I can understand someone saying "take this out of the front L/R channel and put them in the height channel". But I don't understand why someone would lower the L/R surround channels levels.

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