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Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Patrick Sun, Jan 23, 2004.

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    Episode recap:

    Ed, Carol and Liz get mugged in front of Stuckeybowl. Ed feels powerless from the encounter. Liz is told to stay in town until the case is solved. Carol feels threatened by Liz's continued presence in the town as Liz goes shopping for a B&B "for a client". The police catch the perp and have the 3 muggees identify him in a line-up, only Ed tries to pick the larger of the suspects, but thankfully the 2 ladies pick the right guy, who slight a shorter than the other 2 suspects. Ed gets the stolen property back for Liz and asks her to leave because of Carol. Liz takes the hint and agrees to only exchange Christmas cards as a small continuation of their relationship.

    Phil and Shirley set up a metal detector and bag check at the entrance of Stuckeybowl as a reaction to Ed and company being mugged. Eli makes them tear down the setup.

    Mike's father shows up, and it's because he confessed to a one night stand and was thrown out of the house. Mike's dad spends the rest of the episode trying to get his wife to come back to him.

    Eli's actions cause the radio station owner to fire the manager because she wouldn't fire Eli for not playing request for Clay Aiken songs. Jennifer has Eli clean up the mess he created.

    Eli convinces a roadie that works on the Clay Aiken tour to do a few songs at the Smiling Goat. Eli has to swallow some pride and apologize to the roadie because Eli screwed up a laser show portion of a show many years ago.

    Eli and Ed get Clay to sing some songs that make it romantic enough for Mike's parents to re-connect and dance for the first time in a long while. Even Mike offers to dance with Nancy on this ocassion, as a pre-emptive activity (as Mike doesn't dance). Molly has no one and sent to the bar to scrounge up someone, anyone. Ed tells Carol that Liz has been dispatched. Carol is very happy, but Ed practices some hand-to-hand moves on her that he's been learning in self-defense training. Fade out.

    Clay didn't sound all that good (maybe it was the acoustics of the place), and most of his songs were spoken over as the episode wound down.

    Overall, an okay episode, not a classic Ed episode.
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    How could it be a classic? One of the plots revolves around Clay Aiken.

    Almost glad it's over, quite frankly.

    As a side note, Ed & Carol will be getting married the day right before my own wedding.

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