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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Mark Pytel, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Mark Pytel
    Hello while at Target I purchased the DVD 4packs of From Dusk Till Dawn, Hellraiser and Halloween.

    I wanted to see if these would be any good as I may have wanted to upgrade to the Blu-rays when they came out.

    I was leery since I know that most Echo Bridge movies end up in the Wal-Mart bargain bins.

    I saw that Lionsgate's efforts with the Miramax movies have been decent as they ported over all of the special features and kept the OAR. I was hoping that Echo Bridge would do the same. Heck even Mill Creek is doing an excellent job with some of Disney's movies. The Ernest movies look great as do the Blu-rays they have released.

    Sadly I returned all of these to Target. Let me tell you why.

    In regards to the From Dusk Till Dawn discs, there is too much crammed on the disc. This is also an issue on the blu-ray. This created a lot of pixellation and transfer issues. The sad issue is that none of the special features from the old disc were ported over. Even if you want an anamorphic transfer like I did this is still not worth it as in my opinion the old disc looked better..same with the Alliance Blu-ray.

    Let's move on to Hellraiser. First off Hellraiser 3 is in fullframe so if you have the Paramount disc..keep that one.

    The other sequels are in Widescreen but Hellraisers 5 and 6 are missing the special features that were on the Disney Discs which are still available and in 16:9 Widescreen. So no reason to keep the Hellraiser disc.

    Finally let's move to Halloween 4 pack. H20 and Resurrection are in Modified Widescreen. They are presented in 1:78 when their were 2:35 in the theaters. They are also both missing their 5.1 surround track as well as the special features. Both old dvd's were in their OAR so there is no need to purchase this one.

    Long story short, I am very disappointed in the quality of these dvd's. I was hoping to retire my almost a decade old disney miramax dvd's. It's a sad day when those discs are better than the 2011 discs. I've sent both Echo Bridge and Miramax e-mails but who knows if they will make a difference.

  2. Jesse Skeen

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    So Echo Bridge put up the most money to get these movies, and they're spending as little money as possible producing the discs? Makes sense. I think this is the same company that used to be Platinum, which put out mostly public-domain and old made-for-TV movies.
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    John Francis Pannozzi
    I found this article on EB's Miramax releases on another forum... pretty bad.
  4. kingfish

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    echo bridge used to be platnum disc.
  5. ahollis

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    I had forgotten that. Now things start to make some sense.

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