Earthquake Cinenova Grande 7 Amp for $2,500

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    Downsizing my Home Theater and selling this great Amp. I've had the Amp for a little over 2 years and it's been used very minimally in my basement Home Theater. I Amp has had minimal use, and I've never pushed it very hard. It is in pristine shape and I have the original box and manual which I will ship along with it. Brand new this Amp goes for $5,990 so this is a great deal on an excellent amp. I am including shipping in the cost. Below is the official description, let me know if you have any questions.


    Detailed Description Number of channels: seven (7) discrete monaural blocks
    Power rating per channel (8-ohm load), all channels driven: 300 watts. (4-ohm load), all channels driven: 600 watts. (2-ohm load), all channels driven: 1000 watts
    Frequency response measured at 1 watt with +/-0.1 dB: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    Channel separation: greater than 95 dB
    Maximum input voltage: 1.9 volts
    NOW with Balanced XLR inputs
    Input impedance: 27,000 ohms
    Total harmonic distortion -THD: 1 kHz, 8-ohm load: 0.001%. 20 kHz, 8-ohm load: 0.003%. 1 kHz, 4-ohm load: 0.003%. 20 kHz, 4-ohm load: 0.006%. 1 kHz, 2-ohm load: 0.005%. 20 kHz, 2-ohm load: 0.006%
    Signal to noise ratio: @ 1 kHz, 112 dB @ 5 kHz, 111 dB @ 10 kHz, 110 dB
    High-pass / low pass variable filter, range 20 Hz to 5 kHz (one/ channel)
    High-pass/Full range/Low pass operation via 3-way switches (one switch per channel).
    Dimensions: 9.25" x 18" x 21" (height x width x depth)
    Gross Weight : 160 lbs
    "An amplifier like the CInenova Grande is the kind of component that other manufacturers fear, neighbors dread, and men lust after."

    "This amp brings new meaning to the phrase "Gentle Giant".
    "The only drawback I can foresee to buying this amplifier is perhaps having to cut the roof off your house and rent a crane to lower it into your theater."

    -unmatched output
    -Exceptional sound quality
    -Unbelievable performance for the price."
    Home Theater magazine, June 2000.
    Now available with XLR Balanced Input and 7 hard core channels to work with.
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    do you still have this amp for sale?


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