DVI vs Component Input ? Can you See the Difference?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Vijay P, Mar 15, 2004.

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    Does DVI make a big difference vs component input? Some say its just a sceme by Disney and some others so recording can't be done from DVDs and technically it may be better but most can't tell the difference if put side by side.

    Is this True? is there a website with photos that compare the 2.

    Also I when I was buying the TV the sales guy kept pushing me the 110.00 Monster Component Cables, I settled for the 30.00 monster component cables since some say that there is a difference between the real cheap 10.00 ones and the 30.00 ones but nothing much between the 30 to 100.00 ones, is this true?
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    Michael Chen

    Let your eyes tell the difference ... rather subjective.

    I guess we need to go to DVI because of all those Component Video capable VCR's out there. (All 2 brands of them at a cost of $5000 US each)

    Logic would suggest that letting people record in an analog format with inherent degradation is a good thing rather than a digital bit for bit copying. (Little effort to defeat any digital based encryption scheme.)

    As to whether DVI is supposed to be better that component? Theory says yes, but the practical implementation says no.

    I've seen plenty of bad DVI compared to good component signals. Anyone seen a 480P DVI signal from a Bravo? Not a pleasant sight.

    In a more recent test, I saw a well handled 1080i component signal marginally beat a 720P DVI signal going into a 720x1280 DLP panel.

    For the moment, it is the scaling of the image that is far more important than the input path.

  3. JamesClif

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    Dec 4, 2003
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    I have yet to see a difference watching Cable HD.They look the same to me.
  4. Grady Hollums

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    What I am worried about is my TV does not have DVI. It only has Component Video in, and luckily my Zenith HDTV receiver/decoder still has this output, but I am VERY worried that I will not be able to use component HD-DVDs when they come out.

    I took my TV in to get fixed under the warranty hoping that they could not fix it, but apparently they soddered some stuff on the video board and added some jumpers and now it is supposedly good to go. Man, I was REALLY hoping that they could not fix it and that I would get a new TV out of the deal...[​IMG]

    Oh well, I will be happy with my new DirecTV HD, but I am still very worried about trying to find a Component to DVI converter, or having to buy a new TV just to have DVI or HDMI(?) Any reassurance would be nice for me...

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