DVE, sine test tones, and subs...oh, my!

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Vader, Mar 6, 2006.

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    I read somewhere (don't recall where) that putting a prolonged sine test tone through a sub can damage the driver. I use DVE to calibrate, and am concerned that the "rattle" test is using a sine waveform, so I am hesitant to crank it to locate rattles caused by my new toy (my new SVS.... my precious... ). My question is, how long of exposure is too long?
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    Sorry not much of an expert here, but aren't you suppose to do that at only between 75db and max 85db only and I guess it'll only be for a few minutes only to plot your graph of less than 20hz right up to 100 hz in 5 hz increments(or is it 10 hz increments). I am sure your SVS can withstand the punishment for a while anyway.

    I believe that what you should be afraid of is the sub bottoming out(which usually sounds like a loud Clack) where the driver is literally hitting metal.


    PS. I got these from reading the SVS sub manual.

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