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David Keith

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 11, 2003
I prefer to trade these for Disney or rated g/pg/pg13 dvd's . NO R-RATED ! If you have none to trade, the only way I will sell is in small lots of 5 dvd's,any 5 you want, shipped to your house for 45.00 FIRM ! This price is not negotiable. Thanks.
A Beautifull Mind : 2 disc set Russel Crow
2001 A Space Travesty: Leslie Nielson
Aliens Special Edition Sigourney Weaver
Black Hawk Down : Josh Harnet Ewin McGregor
Blade Platinum Series : Wesley Snipes
Blade II Platinum Series : Wesley Snipes
Cape Fear Collector's Edition: Robert Deniro Jessica Lange
Crimson Tide Digitally Mastered : Denzel Washington Gene Hackman
Detroit Rock City Platinum Series : KISS
Bram Stoker's DRACULA : Anthony Hopkins Winona Ryder Keanu Reeves
Excalibur :Patrick Stewart Liam Neeson
Gladiator Signature Selection : Russel Crow
Heat : Robert Deniro Val Kilmer Al Pacino
Little Nicky Platinum Series : Adam Sandler
Matrix : Keanu Reeves
Nothing To Lose : Martin Lawrence Tim Robbins
John Q.: Denzel Washington
Rat Race Special collector's Edition : Whoopi Goldberg John Cleese Jon Lovitsz
Ronin : Robert Deniro
Sugar and Spice :Marley Shelton James Marsden
The Big Hit : Mark Wahlberg Lou Diamond Phillips Christina Applegate
The Mexican ; Brad Pitt Julia Roberts
The 6th Day ; Schwarzenegger
The Siege : Bruce Willis Denzel Wasghington Annette Benning "IMPORT"
The Shawshank Redemption : Tim Robbins Morgan Freeman
Sugar and Spice : Mary Shelton James Marsden

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