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Jeff Whitford

Dec 31, 1998
OK here is the deal,without trying to make this sound like a pity thread. Ive been out of work for over two months. I love watching movies like the rest of you do. The only way for me to get anything new to watch is to make trades right now or to sell or trade the laserdiscs. If you have sealed titles that works out great as I have some place that allows me to trade them in for stuff I want. I do have a want list below. Thanks for listening.
I have these for trade. Will probably do multiples of mine on some depending on what you offer.

Series 7 : The Contender (light scratchs but plays fine)

High Fidelity

Escape from New York

The Iron Giant (sealed promo)

Outside Providence (light scratchs but plays fine)

Thunderbirds box set #1

Fox Demo disc 2 (Sealed)

These LASERDISCS are for sale plus shipping or for trade. I take Paypal but not credit card type. If you buy 5 the shipping is free.
Hard to Hold $5 TRADED
For Love or Money WS$5 TRADED
Cool Runnings WS $5 TRADED
Cheech & Chongs Up in Smoke WS $5 TRADED
From Dusk Till Dawn WS $5 TRADED
Major League $5 TRADED
Local Hero $5 TRADED
Cocktail $5 TRADED
Continental Divide $5TRADED
Preditor WS $5 TRADED
The Ref WS $5 TRADED
Sudden Death WS $5 TRADED
I will trade up to 5 for one DVD of my liking and will trade several for laserdiscs I want. Im open to offers.

The Patriot Superbit
Das Boot Super Bit
The Big Hit Superbit
Mash Season 1 & 3
Casablanca (2 disc)
Cheech & Chong's Next Movie
Monty Python's Meaning of Life 2Disc
DTS demo disc #7
Empire of the Sun
Fever Pitch
Corrs Live in London
The Incredible Mr Limpet
The Ghost and Mr Chicken
Where Eagles Dare
you can make offers as i've traded for lots of stuff not on this list

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