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Jeff Whitford

Dec 31, 1998
I have these for sale or will trade for anything I dont have.
Fishing With John Criterion #42 $15
Dances With Wolves DTS Full Bitrate 2 disc SEALED OOP and rare $20
Monster Inc $10
The Deep Anamorphic OOP $10 [COLOR= #ff0000]SOLD[/COLOR]
[COLOR= #ff0000]These below are Five for $20 or will trade 4 to 5 for one of my Bluray wants
[/COLOR]Last Holiday $5
Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan (original) $5 [COLOR= #ff0000]SOLD[/COLOR]
Star Trek III The Search For Spock (original)$5 [COLOR= #ff0000]SOLD[/COLOR]
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (original)$5 [COLOR= #ff0000]SOLD[/COLOR]
Chain Reaction $5
A Bugs Life $7 [COLOR= #ff0000]SOLD[/COLOR]
Cutthroat Island $5
Silence of the Lambs $5
Broken Arrow $5
Beyond Jurassic Park Special features disc with factory artwork & case $5
Transporter 2 w/ slip cover $5
Spiderman Superbit $7
Spiderman 2 Superbit w/ slip $7
Goldfinger (original)$5
The World Is Not Enough (original)$5
Man With The Golden Gun (original)$5
Die Another Day 2 disc w/ slip cover $5
Xmen $6
Xmen 2 $6
Happy Texas $5
Hot Dog; The Movie $5
Face/Off $5
Seabiscuit $5
The Replacement Killers SE $5
T2 Extreme Edition metal cover, inside art and plastic are missing $5
Shaun of the Dead $6
Mission Impossible 2 $5
The Greatest Story Ever Told 2 disc $6
Ghostbusters collectors series $5
Castaway SE 2 disc set $7
South Pacific (Original)$5 [COLOR= #ff0000]SOLD[/COLOR]

I take amazon gift cards prefered, paypal as a last resort Shipping is $2 for the first and $1 for each additional up to $5
[COLOR= #ff0000]As far as trades go im looking for
[/COLOR][COLOR= #0000ff]Blu Rays
Good Will Hunting
Office Space: Special Edition with Flair
Romancing the Stone
The Doors: Special Edition
Can't Hardly Wait: 10 Year Reunion Edition
Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself
Major League
A Time To Kill
Starship Troopers
The Final Countdown
Vertical Limit

200 Cigarettes
Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
Gimme Shelter Criterion
Star Wars trilogy Limited edition
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