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Jul 12, 2001
I am selling the DVD's below. I will also trade but *only* for those DVD's listed below. Money order or check (must wait untill it clears). Exact shipping and method depends on how many you want.
All DVD's listed have either been watched only once or never viewed: all mint.
2001: New re-master 15.00 *Pending*
Clockwork Orange : old version 10.00
Clockwork Orange : New re-master 15.00
Die Hard : old Version 8.00
The Doors: old version 10.00
Dr. Strangelove : new version in Amaray case 15.00
Eyes Wide Shut: original version 8.00 (box a little scuffed)*Pending*
Full Metal Jacket : New re-master 15.00
Lawrence of Arabia : Asian, All region 7.00
Lolita: New re-mastered 15.00 *Pending*
Spartacus: Asian, All region 7.00
Will trade for the following:
Big Trouble in Little China - 2 dvd set
Boogie Nights - 2 DVD set only *Pending*
Brazil: Criterion only - 3 dvd set.
Clerks : *not* the animated, SE only
Crouching Tiger/ Hidden dragon - R1 only
Dances With Wolves : original 1 disc version DD 5.1
From the Earth to the Moon : HBO series
Platoon : new SE
Salvador : new SE
Please e-mail at: [email protected]
I know I am new, but I am reliable, check E-bay under my E-mail.
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