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Jay Mitchosky

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Sep 6, 1998
I have the following DVD titles available for sale:
  • Dungeons & Dragons, US$15
  • Angel Cop (Anime), US$15
  • Hollow Man, US$15
  • Get Shorty, US$15 (original snapper version, incl. keepcase and color photocopy insert as well)
  • Dinosaur S.E. 2-disc set, US$20
  • X-Files Fight the Future (original release), US$10
  • The Siege (original release), US$10
  • A Few Good Men (original release), US$10
  • The Million Dollar Hotel, US$15
  • The Crow (original release), US$10
  • The Rock (original release), US$15
All are in mint condition. Shipping in North America is US$5 or actual, whatever is cheaper. Will ship anywhere outside North America at actual cost. Payment is via money order (bank drawn only, no postal orders as can't cash in Canada) or PayPal.
You can e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested in any of these titles.
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